Liberty Market

year | 1935

location | 230 N. Gilbert Rd, Gilbert, AZ

style | modern

architect | unknown/Mae and Ben Ong

previous uses | Liberty Market grocery store, 1935-2006.

current use | Liberty Market Urban Bistro, 2009-present.

super sweet details | As recently as 1981, Liberty Market was Gilbert’s only grocery store within a 15-mile radius.  The now-iconic neon sign was designed by Mae Ong, wife of owner Ben Ong in the 1940s. The interior of the market has been redone in a very modern/vintage, restoration hardware-esque way, with its most recent renovation taking place in October of 2013.  Overall, it’s a very down-to-earth restoration of a building already embedded with a ton of Gilbert history.

verdict: totally rad.

Top three photos courtesy of Gilbert Historical Museum.

Check out LM’s historic photo tour here!

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